Reign of Winter

I take my windpipe and storm off

Bili meets the group (Session 4)

“I Take My Windpipe, And I Storm Off”
Sunday, 9/7/2014
Our intrepid group was wandering through a snowfield dotted with igloos. As they were investigating their surroundings, they went up a slippery slope towards a fountain of ice. Upon reaching the fountain and walking around it, they realized it was some sort of magical gateway. As they were contemplating what to do, an icy blast knocked them to the ground and a wounded black rider appeared from the portal. The frail old man was identified by Ragnar as The Black Rider, Harbinger of the Ice Queen. Baba Yaga sends The Black Rider every 100 years in preparation of appointing the next Queen of Irissen. He told the party a tale of Ivanna, the current Queen, of her treachery and her desire to freeze the whole of Golarion. He implores the group to continue his mission, as he is fatally wounded. The party agrees, after some debate, and enters the portal.
Erastil preserve us:
What a day this has been. We were making good time today until we reached the snow dunes. Out of nowhere, a giant red mantis-like thing attacked one of the dogsleds. The boys managed to get it away before it could kill any of Nadya’s dogs. Apparently big bugs like dwarven flesh as it then proceeded to bite down on my legs and not let go.
As I was being thrown around stuck in its mandibles, with the boys and Nadya trying desperately to get the thing to let me go, four strangers appeared quite literally out of nowhere. Once they got their bearings, they rushed to our aid. I managed to get out of its jaws and fire off a couple of shots. And that’s when things got worse. A giant wasp swooped in out of nowhere, again straight for the dwarf. The hulking human, an Ulfen I think, and his female friend went after the mantis and pounded it down, as their red friend with a tail threw fire bombs at it and then at the wasp. I for one was grateful their fourth companion was a healer. Those bugs took their toll on me
And of course, Nadya and her men almost start a fight with these strangers just because one of them happens to have a raven as a pet. Superstitious fools. They convinced Nadya that they are not witches or demons (well, the red one does have some demon blood in him, but other than being sarcastic and a bit of a torment, he seems alright).
We hurried to get to the campsite before nightfall and made it as the sun was setting. It gets deathly cold at night these days. More like the winter solstice than Midsummer. I need to figure out what is turning the world into an icebox in the summer. Definitely not natural.
Turns out that these new friends are an adventuring company. Ragnar (the hulking one), Cosmina (the otherworldly one), James (the healer), and Khorzo (the red one with a tail that has a mind of its own) were invited by Nadya to camp with us tonight. As we were getting settled, a blue goat-legged lady entered the snow cave. Cosmina and I were a little wary of her, though she made no threatening moves. She introduced herself as Mierel and Khorzo got really comfy with her. Nadya was all nerves and terrified of insulting Mierel. She played the happy hostess. Nadya was acting like Brother Molinor when the abbot would come visit.
After talking for a while, Khorzo and Mierel wanted some alone time. To each their own, I guess.
The rest of us were relieved when Mierel left. We spent some time talking as a group anf getting to know each other. I haven’t figured out why Nadya was so reluctant to give our new friends more information about the area. I will fill them in later.
Snow and Ice and Bears, oh my:
We continued on our way this morning. Everything was going good, until we rounded a corner and ran into a feeding polar bear. I looked at it, it looked at me. I fired off two arrows in the blink of an eye, both finding their mark, which, unfortunately, only made the bear angry. It charged at me, running over Ragnar as it charged up to bite me. Cosmina stepped up to take it down, and the bear tore her throat out with one bite before it batted at Ragnar. Khorzo threw one of his concoctions at it. It burst into flames and killed the bear. Nadya’s men went to work immediately, skinning and butchering the bear. James got to Cosmina and prayed to his god to help him save her. As he did so, her throat regrew, the blood stopped, and she was able to stand immediately, though a little wobbly at first.
Apparently Cosmina has some angel blood in her. Khorzo picked up what appeared to be part of Cosmina’s trachea and asked if he could use it to make a healing potion. He had said that body parts from an angel would be a powerful component in a healing potion. I had to agree, since he didn’t harm her in obtaining it. Apparently, Cosmina loathed the idea, as she grabbed her windpipe from Khorzo and stormed off. Note to self: Never upset anyone with angelic blood. They are ugly when they are angry.


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